Shuai Feng
Shuai Feng

Truth Be Told Watercolours is a collection of works by contemporary artist Shuai Feng. Her solo Exhibition ‘Truth Be Told. Imaginary Doubts is open from October 14th-November 17th Sawidji Gallery Ubud Bali.

Shuai Feng is an emerging international artist whose enigmatic works explore the opposing sides of ‘magic’ and ‘reason’. Her experience as an anthropologist, traveller and writer influences her surrealist explorations into a wonderful mix of science and imagination. Strong and vulnerable, the juxtapositions of extremes that have taken form in her life have translated just as powerfully into her art.

Truth Be Told in Watercolour

Shuai Fengs’ Watercolours are available in Open Edition and Limited Edition Prints and a selection of T-Shirts.

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