• Lentera By Nyoman Handi
  • Year 2020
  • Mixed Media on Paper
  • 29.5cm x 42cm


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Lentera by Nyoman Handi is a mixed-media painting. Handi works with acrylic, inks, watercolours and often different types of pens. Highly experimental in his technique, Nyoman Handi is known for pushing personal limits in his explorations.

In these artists, miniature paintings have a beautiful spontaneity and energy. Quite known for his large mix of media installations as well as canvas works Handis’ smaller works on paper have an intimacy and a gentler mood about them that is special.

‘Lentera’ means ‘light’ and ‘lamp’ in Bahasa Indonesia. In this piece, Handi addresses the theme of human knowledge and understanding. That our experiences should be something we learn from. The aesthetics he employs in a series of works from this period clearly reference ancient art in its style and symbolisms. Something the artist has used to express his reflections on the changing human behaviours over time. With the allusions to a simpler time in our history, he is perhaps making the statement that though long ago, perhaps people were more ‘enlightened’. With a better understanding of their experiences.

Nyoman Handi is part of Sawidji Gallery and Artist Collective. Learn more about the artist Nyoman Handi.

‘Lentera’ is part of an exhibition. Sawidji Collaborative Presentation  ‘Kala and the Guardians’ in December 2022 at Sawidji Gallery. Together with D.D. Reich and ManButur Suantara.


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