Melodious Urban


  • Melodious Urban
  • By ManButur Suantara
  • Limited Edition 25
  • Fine Art Archival Giclee Print
  • Size A2


Melodious Urban, photography by ManButur Suantara. Limited Edition of 25.  Exhibited in ‘World Without Sound, an Anthology’ at Sawidji Gallery April – May 2023.

Melodious Urban is a new work by ManButur Suantara in response to the theme ‘World Without Sound’. It is essentially asking the question, do we relate to noise as a disturbance?  and also does quiet mean peace? ManButur shares his thoughts on his process in creating this piece, whilst also taking us through his thoughts.

“Capturing the hustle and bustle of Gajah Mada Street Denpasar, the image was made with multiple exposure techniques. With a combination of 9 images to become one single image. Then there are 25 of these images made up of 9 each.

For some people who live on this busy street, the noise is normal for them. To see the loud exhausts of cars and motorbikes and the horns from traffic 24 hours a day. However, when I ask some people who live there, they don’t say it is noisy. they say it is normal.

It seems like they are conditioned to the environment and are on good terms with the noise. By creating this image I am trying to see the world inverted. To be in this activity and relate to the silence and quiet that some people seem to find there.”

World Without Sound, an Anthology


I Hear You..Tree


The Dance

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