White Wood Limited Edition Print


  • White Wood Limited Edition Print

  • Signed by Artist

  • Editions of 25

  • Archival Giclee Print

  • A3+ original artwork size


White Wood Limited Edition Giclee Print by Harijadi.

The original work  for White Wood Limited Edition by Harijadi  is a study of exceptional detail in ink. Harijadi’s method uses one pen. One thickness. Archival black drawing pen used to render a scene in black and white. Rendering light and dark through an array of textures depicting the most precise textures and details. It has occurred many times at a glance, that Harijadi’s works are thought to be photographs until a much closer inspection.

Part of Harijadi’s subject matter has been the environment that he resides in. The many beautiful places that we are so fortunate to have here in our own backyard. Trees have been a primary subject matter for the most part from very on in his early career. Often, on the grounds of Bali’s Temples.

Since I started to be able to digest and understand what I see, trees are one of God’s creations that amaze me. Because trees are not only a vital element for the sustainability of life on earth and everything in it, but trees also provide many teachings for my life.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 2 cm


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