Bumi III Giclee Print


  • Bumi III ‘Kala & The Guardians Exhibition’
  • Signed Giclee print, Limited edition of 20
  • A2 Fine Art Paper
  • Artist Dewi Dian Reich and ManButur Suantara


Bumi III Giclee Print, Sawidji Art Gallery.

Bumi III Giclee Print is a limited edition print from a curated selection of images. From the collaboration Kala and the Guardians. Which conceptualises an abstract idea. The primary themes that are explored here are Kala as ‘time’, Earth and Spirit. In and of themselves, their personified nature. In addition to seeing these three entities separately, the threading of them together in this collaboration encourages the reflection of viewers on their relationship to each of these elements.

Bumi III was part of a series of works in a  collaborative exhibition with the photographic works of Dewi Dian Reichand ManButur Suantara. With paintings of Nyoman Handi responding to the narrative of Kala, exhibited at Sawidji in December 2022.

Giclee Fine Art Print limited edition of 20 signed by collaborating artists.

Kala & the Guardians Limited Editions

Bumi VII Giclee Print

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 59,4 × 42 × 1 cm


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